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YVY® PURE ultrazvukový anti-ageing nano spray.

STYLISH LUXURY packaging suitable in every handbag, YOU CAN MEET ANY | NANOTECHNOLOGY.

PURE YVY® container can be filled with body lotions and, housing perfumes, YVY® liquidy or Bronzer brand YVY® ✔️



Ultrasound works on the basis of hydration.
Tray filled with serum begins to generate current fine cool mist.
Nano technology breaks the water particles into individual molecules and thus to rapidly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
The mist is so fine, that in no way interfere with your perfect makeup therefore no car interior.
World first YVY® a few seconds hydrates skin, minimizes wrinkles and restores a fresh and youthful look.
just use YVY® PURE whenever you want ✔️


* All devices nano mist YVY PURE® from our RECOMMEND filled only Liquide purchased on our e-shop YVYCOM.COM
Liquidy are made in Italy and designed specifically for our nano mist devices YVY PURE ® So not only ensures correct operation of the apparatus itself YVY PURE ® but the actual liquidus maximum effect for your skin.

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